An Insatiable Appetite

23 Sep

It’s a bit oxymoronic, isn’t it? To make something that will last, but then still create more so there’s always something special to dream about. That really is the nature of fashion. – Marc Jacobs

As a lover of all things fashionable, I have come to realize in my 24 years that there will always be another “I just have to have it!” moment in my shopping adventures. Not until next season if I’m lucky, but eventually nonetheless. No matter how many little black dresses a woman owns, there is always that perfect LBD waiting in the next window display.  Regardless of the fabulousness of a pair of gladiator sandals, you will most definitely stumble across another pair that makes you stand a bit taller, a bit more confident.

During this wavering economy, it is daunting to know that a much lusted-after purchase may become part of yesterday’s wish list before the credit card bill even arrives. However, the fear of this quick turnaround looming over head (or over wallet) should not deter you. Life is about choices, one of those being your self-presentation.  When it comes to appearances, it is imperative to always be a first-rate version of yourself – and if you’re constantly maturing and growing into someone new, shouldn’t your closet follow suit (perhaps quite literally)?

The insatiable appetite that women like myself feel for fashion also speaks to the tendency for fashion to repeat itself through the decades. I grew up envying 1940s American girls, wearing their floral rompers with bowed headbands, strings of pearls and round-toed pumps. And now, thanks to the fashion-forwardness of Miss Blair Waldorf (making me swoon more than ever at the start of season four), such outfits and accessories are trendy once again. Reinvention is a never-ending wheel, one that continues to roll through the ages – and through the instant popularity of cult sensations such as Gossip Girl.

The summer rolls into fall, and I’m reminded of a simple yet unwavering truth: seasons come and go, but fashion is forever, ever evolving with the changing times, always ready for what’s next.  Perhaps it is this timeliness that makes the pursuit of fashion timeless and endlessly relevant. If anything, this enduring quality is something we should all aspire to emulate.  To be someone who your loved ones simply cannot resist, someone who unequivocally remains true to herself, someone who inspires and pushes others to be their very best selves – what more could a girl want?

Rachel McAdams in "The Notebook" (2004) gives us a peek at fashion in the 1940s: feminine headpieces, structured handbags and lady-like silhouettes.

Blair: Moschino dress, Christian Louboutin shoes and Chanel cuff and bag, Serena: Georges Chakra dress, Rag & Bone blazer, Yestdat hat, Mulberry bag, Janis Savit bracelet and Made Her Think bracelet


2 Responses to “An Insatiable Appetite”

  1. modelly September 23, 2010 at 10:33 am #

    Oh, those moments never go away, do they…?
    I absolutely adore Blairs Moschino dress, one of my biggest dreams is to own a dress from Moschino some time….

    • carin September 23, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

      an of course, the bag of laudre macarons!

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