Dressing in Confidence

28 Sep

The 20s are about finding your style, developing it, and taking all the risks in the world. – Anne Hathaway

I spent two years learning how to best navigate the ways of the working world in the Windy City and then the Big Apple, adapting to completely unfamiliar and unforeseen environments, environments that tested my personal convictions and capabilities with every twist and turn.  Now, I am learning yet again how to find my way in a new city (Nashville) and a new career (TBD). With each passing day, I realize that I am more prepared than I expected and stronger than I believed – except when it comes to my will to shop, of course.

Until that next career is determined and regular paychecks are deposited in my near-empty bank account, the wonderful world of window shopping and online browsing must satisfy my fashion cravings. Each purchase is greatly considered before I hand over my credit card. Can I afford this Rebecca Minkoff Nikki handbag in a delicious double cream? Will I appreciate these teal, fringed Cree sandals by Cynthia Vincent and pair them with the perfect outfits, allowing them to meet their full potential? And is six months of fashion-crushing on a bright pink Julie Haus dress really reason enough to spend nearly $400 on a custom-made and non-returnable summertime garment in the middle of a Chicago winter? (Just to be certain that I am clearly expressing my mindset, the answer to all of these questions is absolutely.)

something to carry through the seasons - Nikki handbag by Rebecca Minkoff

Not only has my spending allowance been greatly altered but so has the atmosphere of my everyday world. From a college campus to a big-time public relations firm to the unglamourous life of a nanny, I suddenly face limitations in my daily dress code, restrictions that I must remind myself of during each shopping experience. I cannot buy a top simply because I like the color, because it will look phenomenal with a particular pair of shoes or because I’m having a bad day (a new purchase is really the best rememdy for the blues). It must be able to be worn tucked neatly into a pencil skirt or loose with a pair of comfortable jeans and covered with a cardigan as needed. More importantly, it must help me transition through the four seasons (there goes my bottom-feeder salary rearing its ugly head again).  While I believe all rules, those pertaining to fashion included, are meant to be broken, there is still a certain standard of dress that needs to be followed based on one’s day-to-day activities.

With this new attitude towards shopping – one that means I must weigh the significance of my next purchase with the need to be able to pay that month’s rent – comes a higher degree of self-awareness. Every new item must be a puzzle-perfect fit with my existing wardrobe, serving as that missing piece that I need to fulfill the creation of my own sense of style. I am slowly becoming more conscious of who I am and how my personal appearance reflects my discovery of who I hope to become.

We all present ourselves to the world through our outfits, which means that each morning brings a myriad of choices when it comes to answering one simple question: Who do I want to be today? My response tends to change daily, but with these different answers comes a reinvigorated feeling of self-assuredness and optimism. Hidden behind this blog is a girl who is embracing her personal taste, opening her closet with a smile and dressing in confidence from head to heel-clad toe.


One Response to “Dressing in Confidence”

  1. Jamie September 28, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Love it! Came right to my inbox this time 😉

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