Turning Over a New Leaf

29 Sep

Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important. – Janet Lane

I have always been a big believer in weather playing a commanding role in one’s mood. I never feel as calm and at peace as I do when I am sitting on the beach, smelling the salt air and feeling the sun on my skin. When I am unhappy, I crave an all-encompassing thunderstorm as much as Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream. However, I failed to understand the true power of nature until surviving a Chicago winter. For a usually bubbly girl, it was absolute torture.

Thankfully, I no longer have to worry about brutally chilly temperatures and blistering winds. Still, I do have to adjust to the suddenly cooler weather in Nashville. Enjoying an al fresco brunch with a friend this past Sunday, I noticed that fall has quickly arrived, meaning a sundress and sandals (which I happened to be wearing at the time) will no longer do as my daily uniform. In an effort to keep that smile of summertime on my face, it is time to shop (perhaps only in my own closet) for this season’s favorites.

As the leaves begin to fall, I am taking note of my fall fashion must-haves (or hope-to-haves), including Tory Burch’s Elle boot in tumbled brown leather and a structured and lady-like Belle handbag by Rebecca Minkoff. Mind you, I’ve already got a few checkmarks on that list: a military coat from J. Crew, the perfect pair of carmel Via Spiga Astro clogs and Rebecca Taylor’s Bloomie dress, all of which will be regulars until winter arrives.

fashionable fall footwear - Via Spiga Astro clogs

In addition to my wish list, I’m always excited to take a peek at the trends of the entering season. Webster defines a trend as “a general movement or a prevailing tendency or inclination”; thus, when it comes to fashion, we the consumers dictate the trends, keeping that movement…well, moving. Here are a few trends that I look forward to incorporating into my dressing habits:

  • My personal favorite this season, tomboy cool presents the perfect attire for enjoying a day of leisure.  This comfy chic option includes boyfriend jeans, loose cardigans and easy button-ups, accessorized with messenger bags, riding boots and hats (nothing like a fedora or baseball cap to hide a bad hair day).
  • One trend that continues to reign despite the season is anything and everything girly. From feminine ruffles and pretty draping to pale colors and polished details, this option is a smart sartorial choice whether you’re headed to a cocktail party, movie date or the grocery store.
  • Unexpected prints add a bit of spice to the basics in every girl’s wardrobe.  Some on-trend prints for fall are nautical stripes, floral, preppy plaid and leopard.  As long as you stick within the same color palette, mixing and matching has never been so fun.

one of my fall favorites - Bloomie dress by Rebecca Taylor

tomboy cool - always love Reese's style


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