A Pocketful of Sunshine

1 Nov

You have to keep a little glamour in your pocket every single day and remember that it’s there no matter what you like, what you’re wearing or how you feel. – Lea Michele

Last week, I dropped off a dress with my tailor.  Because of the side seams, she asked if she could close the pockets in order to make the requested alterations.  Based on the look of disbelief that crossed my face, she knew the answer was a resounding no. Putting on my problem-solving hat, I suggested that she add a seam to the back of the dress, thus completing the discussed changes and preserving the pockets. Crisis averted.

Just as I love the pocketed pieces that already fill the hangers in my closet, buying a new garment often comes down to one simple thing: does it have pockets? I would even venture to say that pockets have become my favorite accessory of late. They’re fun; they’re practical; and they give us a momentary glimpse into boy world.

Pockets come in a variety of sizes and locations. Front pockets work well on chunky sweaters and long cardigans, both of which can now be worn since the weather in Nashville is finally cool enough. I love having easy-to-access handwarmers or cell phone-holders. Side pockets are a worthwhile addition to any dress, skirt or romper, making it easy to hide your hands in a moment of uncertainty. When it comes to jeans or other pants, rear pockets often exist more so for improving posterior presentation than actual functionality.

Making my love for pockets even more accessible, designers are truly embracing the trend, incorporating them into clothes of all types and for all seasons.  Not only are they including pockets in as many pieces as possible, but they are as obsessed with them as consumers.  As Carolina Herrera said, “You know why I love pockets? Because I never know what to do with my hands. And you don’t have to go around with a handbag. Just put your lipstick in your pocket.” She makes a valid point: I love handbags as much as the next girl, but when I’m with my boyfriend, he inevitably ends up with my cell phone and lip gloss in his pockets. Unless I have my own, of course.

my favorite denim pockets - True Religion jeans

a girl can never own too many pocketed pieces, as shown by Carolina Herrera's S/S 2008 collection.


One Response to “A Pocketful of Sunshine”

  1. Ross November 1, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    I’ve never held any lip gloss. Pretty sure you just steal my blistex. Which is probably why I can never find any.

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