Alice-in-Wonderland Bands

12 Nov

No headbands in college, okay? – Dan Humphrey, Gossip Girl

Blame it on Blair Waldorf, but headbands have made a comeback.  As shown by the number that I own (23, to be exact), I have fallen head over heels for this trend.  A headband is an easy way to express yourself or to hide a bad hair day, making it both fashionable and functional.  Furthermore, it is a great example of a little thing that can make a big difference. After all, a simple headband has the ability to make a sub par outfit into something spectacular.

one of my favorite Blair Waldorf fashion moments

The history of headbands is somewhat debatable. Some people believe that headbands originally took their shape from scarves that were worn around the head or from hats that tied under the chin.  Others trace this trend back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, who wore hair wreaths for special occasions. They began decorating their wreaths with gold and silver jewels (perhaps the beginning of bedazzling?), and thus, the modern-day headband was born.

Over time, the wearing of headbands evolved, shifting from an accessory only worn at important events to something that is appropriate for any and every day.  Nowadays, it’s easy to find a headband in any shape or size with your choice of adornment – a flower, a bow or even just some sort of pouf (I own all of these examples). Still, your most basic option, the horseshoe-shaped headband, is easily found; it is sometimes called an Alice band because of the headband that Alice wore in Wonderland.

In case I haven’t been quite clear enough, I love headbands.  I love them so much, in fact, that I’ve spent many days suffering through a headache that can only be blamed on this accessory. However, taking off that headband and ruining my outfit is simply not an option.  Fashion is worth the pain, right? Personally, I think Blair deserves a thank you.

my most treasured Alice-in-Wonderland band

headbands are the perfect accessory for a day at the Hunt.


One Response to “Alice-in-Wonderland Bands”

  1. Katherine November 12, 2010 at 11:11 am #

    I have that picture framed in my cube 🙂

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