Soul of a Sailor

22 Nov

But more wonderful than the lore of old men and the lore of books is the secret lore of ocean. – H.P. Lovecraft

Let’s be honest: I never really had a choice. When I was only seven-and-a-half weeks old, my parents packed up the car, and the three of us made the drive from Augusta, Georgia to Hilton Head, South Carolina. Seeing as it was the middle of March, the weather was a bit too cold to really enjoy the beach. Even so, because of my father’s remarkable love for the water, he insisted that I see the ocean at such a young age. His plan worked: I’ve been in love with the water ever since.

all bundled up for my first beach trip!

While I may not remember this memory myself, it’s one of my most treasured moments from my babyhood. As a young child, I was more of a Gulf Coast girl. On family vacations, we frequented Destin and Seaside, the Back Porch and Bud and Ally’s. We usually traveled through “LA,” and as a gullible little girl, I never quite understood that Daddy merely meant “lower Alabama.”

During my middle school years, my parents found a treasure of a beach on St. George Island, and we’ve been spending time there ever since. At the beach house (affectionately called Fish Camp), life is simple: it’s filled with seafood and sunshine, sand dunes and sea oats. We take boat rides in the mornings and bike rides in the afternoons. On one particularly lucky late September night, we watched the baby sea turtles hatch, helping to be their guiding light towards the water.

Not only do I enjoy the water when I’m on vacation, but I also enjoy it when I visit my parents in the house where my brother and I were raised. Growing up with a lake in my backyard, I was permanently spoiled with an immensely beautiful view. For me, my happy place has always been sitting down by the dock. It’s my favorite place to write, to think, to just be. And I’m lucky enough to have two furry companions who agree with me.

Because of my constant proximity to water for as long as I can remember, I’m simpler happier when a river, pond, lake or ocean is nearby. I may not have inherited much from my dad when it comes to looks, but I like to think that my love for the water is something that he passed along. I know it’s a feeling that I’ll keep close to my heart forever.

happy day in the sand for me and Colin


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