Counting My Blessings

15 Dec

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the world. You lose track of what it’s like to just be still and be thankful and count your blessings. – Kellie Pickler

The holiday season has been an immense (but wonderful) distraction to my blog-writing habits. But let’s not dwell on my hiatus. Rather, I’ll jump right in with a (very) belated Thanksgiving post.

I always have high expectations for this holiday (it is my favorite time of the year), and it never disappoints. My family spends the week at our home away from home: St. George Island, a little piece of heaven on Earth. I used to think that, because I have a small family, we didn’t have any true traditions. However, over the years, our Thanksgiving has become filled with them. Each day begins with a walk on the beach and ends with a glass of wine – two of my favorite things. My dad and brother bond on the fishing boat, while my mom and I spend time by the pool with our lovable and lazy dogs. We buy our Thanksgiving feast at the Piggly Wiggly and fill in the gaps with green bean casserole (for me) and corn casserole (for my brother). We end the meal with my family’s favorite sweet treat: apple pie. (If you’re looking for a new recipe to try, I highly recommend this one!)


the best way to start the day...

...and the best way to end the day.

And of course, there’s my favorite tradition of all: remembering the pieces of life that make me smile, make me “me,” and make me thankful for each and every day. A few (more) of my favorite things…

my loving family

my sweet dogs

my friends & all of our fun!

...last but certainly not least, my man


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