For Love of the Mall

16 Dec

I don’t shop because I need something; I just shop for shopping’s sake. – Cat Deeley

I have three vices: coffee in the morning, wine at night…and shopping anytime. Online shopping comes with nearly instant gratification (give or take the three to five shipping days), and all it takes is a simple click of the mouse. The incessant e-mails from Gilt Groupe, J. Crew and my personal favorite, Shopbop (all of which I enthusiastically requested when signing up for their alerts) serve as reminders that consumers like me are meant to take advantage of such fantastic sales. And with free shipping, generous coupon codes, and no tax, who can resist? But even the thrills of these Internet stores cannot fulfill a girl’s need to hear the rustling of price tags, to feel the luxurious cashmere of that perfect cardigan, to smell the freshly-unpacked box of a designer’s spring line.

Living a mere two miles away from a mall in Nashville, I can get my mall fix as often as I’d like. Perpetual traffic means that this short trip usually takes at least 15 minutes, but it’s always well worth the wait. Being in the midst of the Christmas season, I find myself making the drive more and more often (today, in fact). This proximity is something that I appreciate more so after living in the mall-less cities of Chicago and New York City. Don’t get me wrong, both of these cities offer excellent shopping options (Michigan Avenue and Madison Avenue, respectively), but neither one included the loveliness of a mall. All that goodness enclosed under one roof? It’s truly my heaven on Earth.

For me, Lenox Square and Phipps Plaza will forever be the Mecca of all malls.  I still venture there whenever I can, usually when I’m home for the holidays (next week!). Mom and I always get an early start, doing our best to beat the Atlanta traffic. After a few hours of window browsing at Lenox (which inevitably leads to bags and bags of purchases), we usually stop for a quick bite to eat before venturing over to Phipps. With stores like Tory Burch (always my first stop), Saks Fifth Avenue and Theory, it’d be quite easy to spend an entire day in this building alone, but we do our best to head back before sunset.

I usually shy away from crowds, but there’s something comforting about the hustle and bustle of a mall. Ignoring the few rushed shoppers or angry customers, it’s a place generally filled with happy people. These happy people would most likely agree that shopping is a wonderful way to reward yourself after a rough day, buy a surprise for a loved one or simply pass the time.

what a lovely view!

Tiffany & Co.'s shopping bag is so iconic that this color has been dubbed "Tiffany blue."


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